Remember the 81 variables? If not, go back and watch video #1! Those 81 variables comprise the “7 Laws” that affect the price and terms that a buyer pays for a home. Law #2 breaks down all the costs associated with home ownership. Understanding how much the utility bills will be, why different cities have such different tax bills (and why they go up after closing) along with providing an understanding of all the systems inside of a home that can cost you money (or save it).

Fun Fact:

Did you know that on average, a home inspection will uncover 10-20 items that need attention?

A savvy agent will know how to estimate the age of things like furnaces, windows, roofing and other systems in the home, prior to spending money on an inspection. It’s also important to understand the cost of repairing and maintaining these items. Although it’s true that there are companies out there who will charge you $7000 for a furnace, there are also companies that will do it for $3000 or less on most homes.

Fun Fact:

TJ has dozens of vendor contacts and can put you in touch with someone who’ll give you a good deal, with quality workmanship.

In the past, before we started using this system, we would have clients that would back out of a purchase for a home because of things that were not uncovered regarding the properties condition until the inspection. Unfortunately by then, the buyers have usually made a deposit…inspections are not cheap, often $400-$500. So we always take a look at the roof, foundation walls, windows, furnace, plumbing and electrical, plus other important systems in the home. I’ve sold over 500 homes and been to HUNDREDS of inspections, I’ve bought and sold several of my own homes over the last decade; so I know what to look for!